About Us

The brand emerged when three climbing friends climbed Pico da Canastra (RS) towards Pedra do Bugio, which can only be accessed via climbing and frequented by the monkeys that give the stone its name. At a certain moment they came across a Bugio and interacted with him. Impressed by the beauty and power of this encounter, they decided to honor the Bugio monkey by creating a brand with his name.

The brewing production came a little later. In search of autonomy, one of the climbers started an immersion in the world of fermentation with two friends, studying and producing breads, beers, kombucha, mead and other fermented products. Hence the Bugio Brewery was born!


Bugio is a Brewery, with its own production of craft beers and other fermented products, it is a PUB with bars in Florianópolis and is also a producer of cultural events. The actions developed by Bugio are complementary, but independent of each other.


We love what we do, as a brewery we seek to replace the globalized consumerist model of low quality with a humanized production, attentive to processes and real quality and health standards and integrated with the environment.

As a Bugio pizzeria, we compose and strengthen local networks, through the consumption of organic products from family farming, in the elaboration of our slow and natural fermentation pizzas.

And as a producer and PUB we promote art and culture in its different manifestations and in collaborative events that link the public, musicians and local artists strengthening the city's cultural network. We understand Caverna Bugio and Centro Bugio as fertile spaces for powerful encounters.


Bugio is the result of a worldview that believes that autonomy (and the search for it), conscious consumption and culture have the power to build a fairer and more lucid society.

We are Bugio

Guilherme Ribeiro Production and Innovation
Alex Ritter Artistic direction and new projects
Joana Ribeiro Factory operation and finances
Felipe Salcedo Operation and commercial
Rafael Santos Communication & Cultural Projects